TECH Events & Initiatives

2nd Cohort of GirlDigitalLeader -

2nd Cohort of GirlDigitalLeader at Murshid Hospital & Roshni School Baldia Town held on 24th February 2018. Trained 35 girls as blogger, given them certificates and access to

005 TECH Meetup

For the first time, TECH Pakistan conducted 005 TECH Meetup in Karachi, Lahore & Gujranwala on same day. TECH Meetups are going crazy all over Pakistan

1st Cohort of GirlDigitalLeader - BlogsPay

First Cohort of Jinnah University for Women. A completion of training of 34 girls as Bloggers and giving them access at to start writing and earning.

TECH Socialite 002

TECH is successfully conducting CEO Dinners by the name of TECH Socialite. The purpose of these events to make technology awareness and discussing the challenges they are facing. Business sector in Pakistan needs to align with the modern technology and TECH is helping this sector.

004 Open-Mic TECH Meetup

TECH Pakistan is conducting Meetup regularly, we are meeting with emerging startups & entrepreneurs every time, they are amazing, full of energy and willing to work. The power of socializing & mingling each other generating some extra ordinary results

TV Show ``Career in Information Technology``

TECH Pakistan founder, Mr. Kanwal Masroor participated in a morning show at Pakistan Television on a topic of Career in Information Technology at Pakistan. The discussion was great with a panel discussion including Software Developers & industry experts including Mir Sameer Sheikh, faculty of NED University, Iqra Hameed & a student of computer science

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