Startup Membership

Rs. 5,000/- per year
Startups Only
  1. 1
    Monthly Meetups

    Join the meetups & learn from the seniors, entrepreneurs & CEOs

  2. 2
    Conference & Exhibition

    Be a part of Pakistan’s leading conferences & exhibitions

  3. 3

    Get great discounts on business & corporate training with Pakistan’s leading training companies

  4. 4
    Investment Opportunities

    Apply for the investment for your business & startup

  5. 5

    Apply to be featured at TECH TV for Startup Kahani segment

  6. 6
    Help & Advocacy

    Get help from Pakistan’s top consultants for advocacy, registration, taxation and other relevant issues

  7. 7
    Competition & Challenges

    Through startups competition & challenge programs, apply for different funds & investments

  8. 8
    Market Access

    You will get the access of all members & market during the membership

  9. 9

    You can apply for mentorship from Pakistan’s leading business community & successful entrepreneurs which can take you the next level

  10. 10
    Discount Mania

    Enjoy the best discounts & deals around you being member of TECH Pakistan (Disrupt)

  1. Is my annual subscription fee is refundable?

    TECH Pakistan is charging a subscription fee for membership to facilitate for the whole year. The fee is refundable within 30 days and after acquiring at least one service it will not be refunded to anyone

  2. What if we are not getting any benefit from TECH Pakistan

    TECH Pakistan makes sure that every member should get benefits properly, the way we announce is through social media, WhatsApp messages. If in any case you think you haven’t received any notification or message, please follow our social media or you can email us at in other case.

  3. How to Apply for membership?

    We have a link of Become a member at our home page, just click it and fill the form

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