Pakistan IT Professional Network

Our Vision

Pakistan has a large number of IT Professionals working in local business sector organizations from MNCs to banks, software houses & industrial sector to provide them the best of the best solutions to update them with the modern & innovative technologies, for this purpose self learning & development is important along with connecting the global markets & learning from researches. We are building Pakistan and taking it to the next level with the help of IT Professionals Network

Our Mission

  • A network of 250,000+ IT Professionals in Pakistan to adopt the modern & innovation technology
  • Learning from the best practices, researches & global experts
  • Changing the paradigm shift of corporate industry of Pakistan
  • Building local solutions, promoting technology landscape to the world
  • Building local communities in small cities, developing learning modules
  • Bringing world’s best organizations into Pakistan to invest & operate
10000+IT Professionals
20+Corporate Companies
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The Advisory Board & Executives

Kanwal Masroor

Extempore professional experience and hands-on market knowledge; topped with exemplary leadership skills

Noorulain Qureshi
Division Head

Freelancer & Web Developer

Muhammad Humair
Group CFO Private Cos

Dawood Group

Usman Rizwan
IT Head SC

GSK (Glaxo Smith-Kline)

We are an organization who believes in establishing things as united efforts via creating worthwhile collaborations and partnerships that will not only mutually beneficial but create a larger and better impact. To fulfil our objectives we have divided our work into specific domains that gives us an edge while collaborating with diversified industries to implement our interventions


IoT Meetup at NIC, Karachi

A great number of IT Professionals & developers meetup on IoT at National Incubation Center, Karachi


Growth of SMEs in Pakistan

A meetup of Small Businesses & IT Professionals on growth of Small businesses in Pakistan at The Hive, Clifton


Changing Dynamics of IT Job Market

First IT Professionals Meetup at National Incubation Center, Karachi to discuss the potential with IT Community

Most fast growing technology platform partnering & collaborating with every sector to penetrate the technology education & awareness in the masses as well as Business & Corporate sector of Pakistan. Working with some government organizations as well to know the government policies, communicating the 4th Industrial revolution with the authorities and building communities

Information Technologies

Our Partners

Few of our regular partners in Pakistan, working with TECH Pakistan on nationwide outreach

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