Overseas Membership

$100 per year
Package 1
  1. 1
    Monthly Meetups

    Become a part of Community in your region & with the help of Meetups, connect with the right partners & socializing with the largest network of IT Professionals

  2. 2
    Conferences & Exhibitions

    Connecting with the right events & conferences in Pakistan & in your region

  3. 3
    Round Table Discussion

    You will get a chance to participate at Round Table Discussions

  4. 4

    With the help of Developers & IT Professionals at TECH Pakistan, connecting with the right resources for the projects

  5. 5
    Speaking Session

    Getting chance of Speaking Sessions in different events, seminars & conferences as per the expertise

  6. 6

    If you are or want to become an Entrepreneur and want to apply for the investment, TECH Pakistan will connect you with the investors based on your business idea or prototype

  7. 7
    Startup Competition & Challenges

    Participate in International Startup Challenges

  8. 8
    Market Access

    Helping to provide the market access in Pakistan

  9. 9
    International Business Council

    Connecting with the International Business Councils & Trade Organizations

  10. 10

    Connecting with the right co-founder in Pakistan for IT & Technology solutions

  11. 11
    Become a trainer

    With the help of your expert area, individual can be a trainer and start training with the support of utilizing TECH Pakistan platform

  12. 12
    Global WhatsApp Group

    Be a part of an amazing Global WhatsApp group to discuss the IT/ICT & Technology industry along with innovation & business

  13. 13
    Co-Founder Connection

    Connecting with the right co-founder in Pakistan for IT & Technology Solutions

  14. 14

    Connecting and providing market access in Pakistan to do the business & helping to setup here along with helping in registration processes

  1. Is my annual subscription fee is refundable?

    TECH Pakistan is charging a subscription fee for membership to facilitate for the whole year. The fee is refundable within 30 days and after acquiring at least one service it will not be refunded to anyone

  2. What if we are not getting any benefit from TECH Pakistan

    TECH Pakistan makes sure that every member should get benefits properly, the way we announce is through social media, WhatsApp messages. If in any case you think you haven’t received any notification or message, please follow our social media or you can email us at info@techpakistan.org in other case.

  3. How to Apply for membership?

    We have a link of Become a member at our home page, just click it and fill the form

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