Viper Technologies

VIPER Technology was founded on the core values of hard work, honesty, modesty and the desire to always lend a helping hand. Established in 1995, Viper is proud to serve the government, public, private and education sectors by providing high caliber technology products and services. We pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers leverage the latest technologies to optimize business processes and maximize the value of their IT investments. Combining an uncommon work ethic with exceptional customer service enables Viper to deliver performance beyond expectations to its customers. Viper over the years has evolved from being a provider of local branded desktops, to offering wide range of Viper Pacer Desktops, Viper Wiz servers to Viper Notebooks as well. Viper today is ranked as one of the top locally assembled PC brands.

In 1997 Viper became one of the first genuine Intel partners in Pakistan offering a rangeof solutions which were backed by the latest technology offered by Intel.

Viper over the years has been achieving highest number of sales awards and recognitions, which were acknowledged through various bodies such as Intel Corporation, and the International Data Corporation (IDC). In 2002 Viper was acknowledged as a Premier Partner by Intel. With branch offices in Lahore and Islamabad& Peshawar, Viper now offers Managed Data Center Services. Viper today stands with a team of dedicated professionals, and offers a range of hardware and software solutions, with reach in all three of the segments pertaining to private, public and retail sectors. The solutions offered at Viper, support customer business strategies, and help reduce cost and risks. With this the solutions are also custom tailored to the exact need of the end customers.

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