SEEDO is a complete and custom, stitching service application designed to offer quality tailored garments, clothing alterations for men, women and children; with promised hassle-free tailoring experience at affordable prices with free pick-up and delivery services.

Made-to-order garments are delivered at your doorstep without the stress of travel, shopping and haggle; revolutionizing the tailoring sphere in the country. With an especially designed UX aimed at adding ease of practicality, efficiency to customer journey, both the app and the website are developed to provide an enhanced interactive, user experience. The UI is clean, crisp and adds to the intended, minimal navigation. And with the app available for both Android and iOS users the reach is inimitable.

SEEDO not only employs a range of designers, stylists, seamstresses, custom sewers and dressmakers but also provides a platform to hundreds of men and women working from their homes contributing on the whole towards an emerging economy.

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