Salim Ghauri

December 1995. The early months required a lot of struggle as there was not much awareness about IT in Pakistan, due to which there were very few opportunities. But Salim took all that with courage, and continued his unfaltering efforts towards developing NetSol as a world-class provider of IT solutions and services. Due to his continued efforts, ability to overcome barriers, and perseverance, NetSol became the first and only Pakistani origin company, software or otherwise, to get listed on NASDAQ, the first and the only company in Pakistan to achieve CMMI Level 5 certification, and the biggest Pakistani IT company in terms of revenues and infrastructure. Some accolades on NetSol’s name are as follows:
Since 2003, NetSol has been lifting the Best IT Export Performance Award (sponsored by the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry – FPCCI) for the highest export of IT Services.

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