Popcorn Studio

Popcorn Studio started its journey in 2016 with a single vision to provide an affordable and high quality work space environment where you can work, collaborate and innovate. We saw how many. budding entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups used to meet in cafes and public wifi spots and unable to get an office space which would be light on their pocket and help them in making the first flight. It wasn’t only entrepreneurs and freelancers, many remote-workers in Pakistan were unable to find a decent spot which they could call their office.

PopCorn Studio entered the when the ecosystem was still in its very nascent stage, we grew to become Pakistan’s Largest Coworking Newtork and within these years we are seeing it grow into a mighty oak tree, we are happy to play our part and will continue to do so by providing affordable workspaces and support system in terms of workshops, events and networking.

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