e-Creatorz (EC) was launched in 2001 with the basic ideology of catering to high end creative web services. Ever since then EC has been able to marks its grounds locally and internationally. Over the years this small company has been able to transform into a highly capable organization covering many verticals under one roof.

The lifeline of EC is its skilled and highly capable human capital. The efforts and attachment with EC makes each and every project unique in its own way. EC started off as providing web design & development and hosting services only. Over the years we have been able to expand into Application Development, Mobile App Development, GUI development, Portal Development (majorly e-Commerce), SEO Management, Digital Marketing, state of the art Business & Educational ERP, a unique Digital Archiving Solution and SaaS Model Services and Solutions.

e-Creatorz provides customized solutions that are attractive yet functional, professional yet efficient to cater the diverse and unique requirements of Small to Medium size Enterprises, large organizations, Government and multinationals. These solutions are in practice Telecom, Banking, Education, Trading, Services industry, Operational Management, Chain Management, Textile, and Government sector.

EC has experienced phenomenal growth in all its verticals over time. Be it Telecom, Banking, Education, Trading, Services, Operational Management, Chain Management, Textile, and Government sector .EC has not only incorporated its services and solutions but also had great case studies and satisfied clients with extraordinary support system, implementation and project management practices and state of the art deliverables.

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