Azhar Rizvi

Azhar Rizvi is a multifaceted seasoned professional who is an entrepreneur evangelist, serial entrepreneur, business & strategy consultant, business coach, social missionary, and an author.

He started his career with the information technology industry for over two decades ago and during this period, has served at prestigious multinational organizations including NCR/ AT&T and Unisys in Pakistan. Azhar is the founding Vice Chairman and one of the main leaders of MIT Enterprise Forum of Pakistan. He has helped in developing the strategy and direction of the chapter over the past five years now.

The chapter with leading role played by Azhar has been engaged in developing the entrepreneurial eco-system in Pakistan. He has served as the Member on the Global Advisory Board of MIT Enterprise Forum Global ( 2012-2014 ). He is currently working as the CEO and Member Board of Directors of Cambridge Advisers Network, a boutique consulting firm working towards building the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan. Recently, he has embarked on the mission to promote entrepreneurship in the agriculture sector, especially in rural areas. As a first step, Azhar, in February 2018, joined hands with Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) and its subsidiary SEDF to launch an Agri-Entrepreneurship program at Sindh Agriculture University (SAU), Tandojam. In 2017, he began his journey as an author to the book, “Entrepreneuring PAKISTAN-27 stories of struggle, failure and success.”




Managing Director | Cambridge Advisors Network

President and Founding Director



Chairman | FPCCI

Scope of Work :: Committee on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
1) Develop a framework based on global best practices to promote culture of innovation and to facilitate growth of entrepreneurship in Pakistan.
2) Work with the Federal and Provincial Government for incorporating element of entrepreneurship in their strategic plans, policies, and regulation.
3) To work with the financial sector in developing specialized programs/products/services for financing early stage innovation based ideas/projects/firms and strengthening infrastructure for promotion of e-commerce.
4) To engage with social sector organizations and provide assistance in developing social entrepreneurship programs for poverty alleviation, education and healthcare.
5) To work with the academia in developing programs for entrepreneurial education and training for formal and adult education.
6) Work with the legal fraternity and legislators for development and implementation of legal framework for intellectual property protection.
7) To bridge the gap between industry and academia.
8) To work with local media for building their understanding on innovation and entrepreneurship and what role they can play for its promotion in Pakistan.

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