Ayub Ghauri

Ayub Ghauri is a seasoned business leader with over 25 years of experience working with the leading organizations within the IT, Education, Electronic Media, and Fashion industries. A Certified coach by RCS, Australia, Ayub possesses a blend of Marketing, Branding, Business Development, and Entrepreneurship. He is a technology enthusiast who has been enabling various technology and social startups to launch their business successfully, and developed several winning teams that make a major impact on the companies’ bottom-line. Ayub holds a Master’s degree in Information System from California State University, Northridge.
Spending over 20 years in the UK, Ayub has worked with NETSOL Technologies, Inc. at various avenues from Marketing to Business Development to Information Security and Community capacity building. He has demonstrated an ability to design and execute marketing strategies including new product launches, brand building and activation, data analytics, Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Leveraging on his years of experience, Ayub has led the transformational journey of traditional to the modern marketing. He has played a fundamental role in strategy formulation and execution by managing teams in the US, UK, Thailand and China regions. Being an entrepreneur himself, he has launched and invested in several ventures globally. Currently, Ayub serves as Senior Vice President at NETSOL and Head of NSPIRE — a technology incubator launched by NETSOL Technologies, Inc.
Mr. Ghauri specializes in:
• Transformation of conventional marketing to the modern
• Information security and Compliance
• Entrepreneurship and Bootstrapping
• Incubator and Accelerator Management
• Business Development and Relationship Management
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Content Development and Optimization
• Public Speaking
• Media Relations

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