Asif Peer

Currently holding the titles of Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director and Member of the Board of Systems Limited, and CEO for TechVista Systems in Dubai, my top priority is to create more job opportunities in Pakistan, while working with the public sector to increase Foreign Direct Investment. With over 19 years of experience in Information Technology, of which 13 years were spent with Visionet Systems Inc., I am happy to have returned to the organization where I began my career almost two decades ago, and to be growing with Systems Limited. In this time, we have brought higher standards and more stringent procedures at Systems Limited to ensure quality and timely delivery while carrying out rapid implementations. In the Middle East, TechVista Systems has a growing presence in the region. Going forward, I hope to inspire future leaders of IT in Pakistan by embracing the values inculcated in me by Systems Limited and simultaneously strengthen the global footprint of Systems Limited’s companies.

Established since almost four decades and currently employing over 2500 employees across the globe, Systems Limited is one of the largest software houses, BPO centers and IT enabled services providers of Pakistan, combined. We have provided solutions to a cross section of sectors including Government, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Distribution, and Textile & Apparel.

TechVista Systems, a Systems Limited Company, is a Dubai-based information technology services company globally providing a host of services to enterprise customers, including enterprise application integration, software development and user experience design.

Visionet Systems Inc. has established itself as a key player in the critical areas of focus, offering services and products to a growing list of corporate clients that features several names from “Fortune 500” List.

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