Asad Abdulla

With 17 years of work experience behind me I now lead a unique, Group-wide organizational transformation at International Brands Limited as acting Chief Transformation Officer (CTO). Along with my role in IBL, I continue to remain CEO at United Distributors Pakistan Limited (UDL) with immense experience and passion for agricultural.

An entrepreneur at heart, I have a keen interest in Business Development and Technology and have served the Group well in creating partnerships with leading global brands in both the agriculture and consumer space as well as spearheading the Group’s entry into ecommerce and its allied services.

I am a Certified Director from the Institute of Chartered Accountants Pakistan and am serving as a Director on the Boards of; International Brands Limited, United Distributors Pakistan Limited, FMC United (Pvt.) Limited, The Searle Company Limited & United Brands Limited.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of Rochester, NY, as well as a Certificate of Management Sciences in Management Information Systems from the Simon School of Business Administration, NY.




Director | The IBL Group

Transforming conglomerate of 10 diverse businesses from owner operated to professionally governed through extensive change management and rolling out of governance frameworks..


CEO | Mycart

Conceived & launched Pakistan’s largest ecommerce grocery portal with its own 24hr fulfillment center, last mile delivery and customer service infrastructure.


Deputy Manager Director | IBL Operations

Pharma, FMCG and Telecommunication distribution with the largest network of sales and branch offices spanning across 67 cities and a revenue of PKR 15bn.

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