Ambareen Thompson

For the last 25 years, I have been managing, leading and restructuring both business initiatives as well as developmental programs in Pakistan. My work responsibilities have included strategic planning, policy advice and implementation , resource and capacity building, stake holder management and outreach. I have worked in nationwide programs for women’s health, gender empowerment , youth engagement, capacity building, business development , family reproductive health and most recently in CVE and PVE programming.
I have worked with major international donors such as the USAID, DFID, Bill & Melinda Gates, the Packard Foundation, UNDP, and others.

My responsibilities in business organisations has included restructuring, managing and building existing and new businesses. On the social development front my scope of activities have included extensive contact with all stakeholders from the donors to policymakers to grassroots including communities, students, other NGOs as well as local governments.

Also works as free lance risk analysis and management consultant . Currently working on country risk analysis , researching and reporting on corporate exposure in emerging markets.

Private sector industry specialist with over 20 years of capacity building and emerging market development . Expertise in project and general management.

Experienced security and operations Manager with a proven history of success in high risk and emerging markets.

Industry : Not for Profit , Reproductive Health , Security and Risk Assessment ,Textile and Apparel , Printing Industry

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