Ali Nisar

I am a successful and passionate eMarketing Director, who has extensive experience in delivering and executing strategies for on-line marketing solutions and services.

My expertise in technological environments, has allowed me to excel in developing new business opportunities and relationships through successfully generating qualified leads through both traditional and online methods for the following solutions; Digital Consultancy, Digital Strategy. Programmatic Advertising, Re-marketing, SEO / SEM, E-commerce Solutions, Corporate Web Builds, Email Marketing Campaigns, CRM, and Social Media Optimisation.

I have successfully nurtured and managed clients globally within the Defence, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Aviation, and Engineering industries in addition to public sector governmental bodies in the UAE, GCC, UK, and China.

Additional experience includes providing consultancy solutions encompassing training services: organisational development / management consultancy projects, e-learning platforms, and in-house & public courses to organisations within multiple sectors.

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