3 Techno

Established in 2017, 3techno, a Digital Solutions Company catering to small and medium-sized enterprises. Our mission is to create irreplaceable value for our clients while cultivating lasting, professional relationships. Ultimately solidifying our position as the trusted digital partner that our clients can bank on. As a cutting edge, innovation-intensive enterprise, 3techno provides a comprehensive suite of scalable Web & Software solutions. Including, but not limited to, Custom Web & App Development, FinTech Solutions, eCommerce Suite Development, and lastly Content-Based Marketing Services. Our team of diversified professionals possess a highly developed skill set with over four decades of combined experience, exemplary track record, and ecstatically satisfied clients. Each 3techno division works tirelessly to provide out-of-the-box, progressive digital solutions, all the while innovating in their respective areas to drive creativity within the company. The exposure and experience we’ve accumulated in the digital industry, uniquely positions us to provide premium Web, Digital, Financial, and eCommerce solutions. With 3techno, expect greater reach, productivity gains, operational efficiency, and savings for each of our clients, regardless of industry. Our profound, consolidated approach to business solutions is backed by our in depth knowledge and understanding of the digital landscape. This puts us in a rather unique position to work as your trusted digital partner. We create opportunities in places most agencies cannot fathom, giving our clients the needed edge in a competitive market place.


Address : Office 203, 2nd Floor, Windsong Palace, Shahrah E Faisal
City : Karachi
Phone : +92-21-3455088-6
Email : fahad@3techno.com
Contact person : FAHAD JAHANZEB KHAN
Designation : CEO
Contact : 02134550886 +92-332-3392172
Email : fahad@3techno.com
Web address : www.3techno.com

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