Professional Consulting

Technology consultation to the business & corporate sector. Focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology in achieving their business objectives

Training & Certification

TECH Pakistan has started multiple training programs like Freelancers & Bloggers certification, join our training program today!

Conferences & Seminars

Conferences like EdTECH, Women Entrepreneurship and summit are going to be held on every year. Stay tuned


TECH Pakistan is first organization who started monthly meetups for youth & technology oriented people to socialize, learn and share

Community Building

We believe in building different communities like AI, Blockchain, Freelancers, Bloggers & Developers to communicate with them and helping them to meet the global standards

CEO Dinners

As leading technology platform, we believe in sharing the ideas with each other, CEO talks enables us to learn & understand the market dynamics


Express yourself with TECH Pakistan, we provide a platform to everyone so that we can explore the heroes. The best way to show your guts & talent

Technology Advocacy

We believe in developing awareness programs for the masses to understand the technology, cyber security & the law, we help individuals & businesses to know their rights & procedures

Tech Pakistan runs a Girls/Women Program focused on digital empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship program. In the first phase girls/women between the ages 13 – 28 years are selected and trained. In the future it is planned to extend the scope of this program for women of all ages are flexible to adapt technology.


We are open for the collaboration and encourage market to collaborate & innovate, sharing the current trends of adapting the technology


Empowering individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs & startups to connect them with the market, mentors and investors


TECH Pakistan believes in socializing where local companies & businesses exchange the services & ideas with each other

Resource Center

Developing a Technology Resource Center will help the business & corporate sector to find their perfect resources with the help of TECH Pakistan to meet their future goals

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