20 Sep

Telenor Coming with New Batch for “Naya Aghaaz” Program to Allow Women to Carry on Their Careers

Telenor is all set to launch this year’s “Naya Aghaaz”, a program set to aim women who are on a break from their working career and wants to start again. Naya Aghaaz can get these women back on the working track, an opportunity which they have for returning to the professional world.

Details about the Program

As per Telenor’s information, the Telecom Company launched Naya Aghaaz to bring about a work-life balance for women so that they can specifically carry out their home activities as well as keep up with the office work properly.

The idea is to allow women to work from their homes at their convenience negating strict office timings which hinders the gender participation in various activities. So be it day or night, the participants can choose as per their ease and start working.

So all the women, get into the gear and start your once-left journey of work by applying at Naya Aghaaz. 

Some of the requirements mandatory for the program:

Four-year experience is required to apply for the program

Contractual position of 9 months will be offered to qualifying individuals

Females interested in the program can apply by visiting Telenor’s Official Website: www.telenor.pk/careers

You should also know that Telenor might offer permanent position to women who have undergone contractual employment. For this, the individuals will have to cope with the location of Telenor Head Office in Karachi and Lahore.

It is to note that Telenor started with its second batch of Naya Aghaaz in 2015. It had 24 women in the program whereas a total of 36 women have been a part since its launch.