05 Sep

Face-to-Face with The Multi-Tasker, Woman Entrepreneur & Businesswomen - Mehwish Abdul Sattar

Mehwish Abdul Sattar, the women behind the phenomenal success and an emerging star of our country was interviewed by the Chairman of TECH Pakistan, Mr. Kanwal Masroor to know about her inspirational journey which brought her to this successful position.

Starting straight from her childhood life, Ms. Mehwish told Mr. Masroor that her father passed away while she was a kid of 8 years. Her family was grief-stricken and living a hard life due to financial constraints as everyone left them. But the family managed on, she learned things as her mother and elder brother was hand-to-hand to guide her. Her mother used to give tuitions while her brother did varied jobs to earn money. Growing up, she also taught from which she covered up her school fees. She learned to save money while thinking that in order to cover up future necessities, money will be required. 

She added that upon finishing her inter, she did her first job in a call center, the first time she stepped out for some work. She told that she faced many challenges from people being a girl and working in the oddest timings, but continued on. Moving further, she shared about the time when she first entered the IT industry. It was her friend Moosa Himaani who brought her to the IT world.

Continuing about her life journey, she told that she joined as a junior blogger and ended up becoming the marketing manager of the company. In between, she learned about SEO, designing and development as well. She agreed that it was a great achievement for her because all this happened in a year’s time. She got successes after successes and started earning a significant amount of money to cater her bulging expenses. 

Ms. Mehwish shared, soon after, she received an offer to get into a partnership and become the CEO of the company which she readily accepted. But this led to an unfortunate event. Her partner who made her the CEO asked her to leave the company. She said that It was a big shock for her.  But she did not give up her hope and with her skills and brand image, she initiated for her own startup. Facing many struggles and hardships, she was able to move into an office at Shara-e-Faisal from where she along with her company became a shining star. The company received certifications, awards and did mergers and partnered with others doing huge profits.

Today, she owns that same organization - 3wogle whose name is spread all over, she has multiple projects on her name and ever-growing. Mehwish believes that people should be hired out of their talents and not because of their status. If a person has a certain skill, then it should be the basis of his / her very hiring.

On replying to Mr. Masoor’s question as to how she manages everything being married, having small kids and making sure to keep work-life balance; Mehwish said that like any other woman, she is a multi-tasker. She believes that a woman is instilled with such capacities by Allah that she is able to handle so many things simultaneously. 

She further adviced that husbands and wives should go hand to hand to build a strong future for themselves. If a woman has to work, then man should create an atmosphere around her so that she can step out easily. Not just this, she said a husband and his family needs to be supportive to a woman. And this supporting simply comes by educating them, telling them about the necessity required.

Lastly, commenting on the wonderful efforts of TECH Women; Mehwish congratulated Mr. Masroor on initiating such a work and opened up that she along with the platform is starting a project that will cater to the needs of women. She firmly believes that this upcoming project will provide easy access to women of today who owns any skill, e.g. teaching, cooking, knitting etc.  and want to utilize it by earning.

To listen to the Offical Interview of Mehwish Abdul Sattar please visit: http://goo.gl/tnxZSu