18 Aug

On the Desk with the King of Stock Exchange - Aqeel Karim Dhedhi

Who doesn’t know the great and honored king of Stock Exchange, Aqeel Karim Dhedhi? He has been in the limelight since the start of trading work at Karachi Stock Exchange. Today, with so many businesses on his name, he is one of the pioneers of the investments industry representing Pakistan.

TECH Pakistan’s Chairman, Mr. Kanwal Masroor got the much adored opportunity to interview this personality so that it could serve as a medium to strengthen sprouting buds looking for opportunities to grow and become non-shattering trees in their respective fields!

Starting off from a point where every individual needs a helping hand to grown, Mr. Dhedhi credited the initial efforts to his father who played a vital role in setting his mind as it now is. Even in schooling days, Dhedhi used to work with his father as he carried on his financial projects.

Going back days before partition, he told that the family business in Junagarh had been ever strong as the forefathers owned engineering factory, textile mill, participation in stock brokerage houses and shares in the most emerging businesses such as Kathiawar industries of that day.  Not just this, the family owned businesses in Colombo and Chittagong as well.

Carrying on the same legacy as his fathers, Mr. Aqeel Karim has now pushed down his businesses of manufacturing, securities and investment to daughters where he only is involved in the management and meddles only if it required. 

Talking about his achievements, he said that that a person should never give up his work thinking that he has achieved everything. The endless opportunities never stop coming, it’s the person who has to grab them. He added, “I have seen my father working even at the age of 86 or 87”. He further added for the upcoming youth that equity is a great market to invest in and everyone should benefit from it, just that one shouldn’t be a speculator but a value buyer.

Talking about investments at different levels, he told Mr. Masroor that AKD launched TMT Venture Fund in 1999 with a huge investment but no one took initiative to support it. But even today he believes that investing in funds will bring about young and talented youth with their brilliant ideas who are not able to pursue due to lack of funds. Also he thinks that there is a positive scope of information technology in Pakistan.

On closing remarks about TECH, Mr. Dhedhi said that it is an amazing platform and there is a great need of such digital mediums in this country.