01 Jul

A Game Changer in IT Industry - Salim Ghauri

IT is one of those industries in Pakistan which is blooming day after day. And there are some very influential personalities who have been contributing to this industry. Salim Ghauri is a name that tops this list. TECH was fortunate enough to have him interviewed for our very own segment, Emerging Pakistan.

Salim Ghauri, Founder & CEO, NetSol Technologies. He is a Game Changer in Pakistani IT Industry.

He starts off with telling about his vast professional experience; one where he served within the borders for 20 years through NetSol, and other where he worked in the Middle East where he worked hard on improving his IT skills. Also he worked as an IT consultant in Australia. He was living a very comfortable life but something was missing. With a desire to do something for his country, he returned back to Pakistan and that’s how NetSol was given birth.

He dreamed of building a Pakistani organization which would be recognized globally. To materialize this, he put an office setup but couldn’t get any work for the first five months fortunately (as he says). And then he got his first break, an international break and rest is history. Had he gotten work from local clients in the first place, he wouldn’t have thought of taking NetSol internationally this far today. Temporary pain does make sense later, he believes.

Talking about future plans for NetSol, he believes the next 10 years will be different for NetSol in terms of growth. The seeds they have been plowing for past 20 years, will be giving them fruits now. Fruits of rewards and result. NetSol has been listed in the 500 Best Companies to Work For – Forbes.

On balancing personal and professional life, Ghauri tells us that he has always shared his work and responsibilities with others so that they can receive immense growth professionally. Daily, he leaves for home at 6 pm in the evening to spend time with his family. Also, he promotes that health and personal care is important for which he is into physical fitness, which automatically improves your mental fitness.

He has achieved a lot of things in life, but he feels there is still a lot to achieve. He has set a target to make NetSol the leading company in the world by 2020. He has designed a roadmap and intends to keep crossing every mile with proper strategy and restless enthusiasm.

He encourages startups initiated by youth these days and since the employment rate is low in Pakistan, he believes that the survival of the country is based upon entrepreneurs. But the youngster have got to have the following three skills in them before rushing towards materializing their dreams, which are ability to lead people, money management and customer management. With these skills, we can florish professionally.

He finds TECH to be a brilliant initiative which was much needed in Pakistan for the development of IT industry. He wishes TECH Association of Pakistan all the best and looks forward to serve the IT industry collectively with TECH.