29 Dec

DEATH PENALTY - Punishment for crime or leisure?

The world is evolving rapidly with novel innovations evolving on a daily basis, especially in information technology. Social media again has so much progressed that it has been substituted for so many things that without it round the day people are incomplete. People nowadays are engaged in all type of social media applications namely Facebook, Twitter, Snap-chat, Instagram, YouTube and other such applications to go by their day to day activity and stay connected to the virtual world at large by chatting, posting pictures or videos and trending them all along with the world. It’s too easy to reach into everything from business to politics, to weather updates, travel sites, food recommendations or even online shopping on a few clicks. This all generates a large amount of data sections transferred with these clicks round the globe.

We all are familiar quite dankly familiar with the word “Data, but do you really know or even wondered how powerful this simple word can be? Data is generated with just your conversations, your chats even your eye movements. All social media is highly linked to your front camera and microphones and whatever you talk about is all recorded and used to develop a profile just for you to create data of your liking and need. If you really want to try it, just think of something you haven’t done for a very long time and talk about it keeping your phone nearby. You would be amazed that within a day that particular thing would be shown in your newsfeed and you would be convinced. Have you ever noticed that you were worried about your dental checkup or car repairing and talked about it with a friend at work and suddenly you can see the suggestions about a dental care near you or the car repairing workshop contact details, exactly that is data generation our artificial intelligent systems are collecting for the big businesses to use in advertising and buying out the networks. Even the Snap chat face recognition facility is again something which was just a few years back used to track down influential criminals through different CCTV footages round the globe. We can say this was previously done by just extracting information using your status, hash-tags and trends but now, it’s more deeper and more synchronized with your camera and microphones even and works on the AI’s to get better time to time. This is the major reason that Mark Zuckerberg or anyone who has a good know how of the network industry keep their microphone duped and the front camera’s taped. When they are concerned about their security when they own major part of it, you too must be. 

More and more advertisers are tracking hash-tags, geo-locations, eye movements, and computer maps of faces or monitoring your brain activity for mining useful data for their purposes considering you as a product and making money through you. It was wisely said by Chriatian Lous Lange that, “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” Thus very swiftly and efficiently the technology is taking over the edge in all aspects specially in the internet matters where the artificial intelligence and crypto currency is ready to integrate its self into human life which now seems quite unimportant but sooner it will become the most dangerous mind controlling activity which will be too powerful to be meticulously winded. 

Have you ever heard about the drone strikes in the news, killing some very influential people? Do you know how they were tracked? using what their geo locations on satellite or observing them with cameras noting down their activities and then finishing them off. Believe it or not we are quite beautifully trapped in the glamorous web of Internet connectivity, which we cannot escape by any mean. Artificial Intelligence is taking over control of lives through small gadgets which initially look quite ease of life and an enhancement of your life style, like you can control your home appliances with just a click on a remote control, even when you are not home, or opening your house lock by facial recognition. Now just suppose the similar function being used in controlling a drone with a sniper or a targeted missile to kill someone using some trends by their facial or vocal recognition? You would think why would it matter to you how a drone is controlled or a person is killed through it. Seeing the change in the global politics and racism rising to its peak you never know when your simple innocent looking device in your hand becomes the weapon against you. Terrified now? You really should be. We really cannot deny the fact that we are on a death penalty any moment if this acquitted ‘data’ gets in hand of an evil mind for a cyber-war which is of course the end of the world in future.

Author: Hassan Munawwar - Visitng Lecturer of Visual Studies Department at University of Karachi.

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