07 Dec


Karachi: On Saturday, 2nd December 2017, TECH Pakistan held 2nd ‘TECH Meetup’ this time themed “Blogathon” by bringing industry’s leading bloggers and gathering professionals from diversified field at IBL Building Centre. The event was graciously supported and sponsored by Innovative Management Services. The meetup was dedicated to recognize the rising bloggers of Pakistan and encourage aspiring bloggers.

The evening was open with welcome remarks by Ms. Humaira Anwar; Development Strategist – TECH Pakistan. She explained the very purpose of the TECH Meetup by saying that, “We are delighted to welcome you all at 2nd time in row TECH Meetup this time themed Blogathon; our vision towards these meetups is to up bring the professional community of Karachi and build platforms of profession specific people to grow their potential.”

The meetup also features are very first corporate member Tilism Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Adnan Lotia; Founder & CEO – Tilism Technologies have shared his experience saying that, “I have been with TECH Pakistan since its beginning; when we ourselves were invited at our office space for the first TECH event and from that day onwards I have only seen it growing. I have become a member of TECH because I believe in their mission and want to grow with them simultaneously contributing to overall business landscape in Pakistan.”

Leading bloggers from Karachi has been invited for an interactive discussion over the blogging landscape in Pakistan. Our panel of bloggers includes Asif Iqbal; a pioneer SEO and Blogger, Haroon Q Raja; a well versed technology writer & consultant, Riffat Rashid; a food blogger managing her own platform called “Girl Gotta Eat” on social media, Hira Saeed; an independent tech journalist at VentureBeat & Entrepreneur.com and finally S. Azfar Hussain; a dedicated professional leading ICCBS & has been an editor for I&M Magazine. “We at TECH Pakistan are strengthening the blogger community by developing an independent blogs and media sharing platform where we are going to train and employed youth of Pakistan in the art of blogging.” Asif Khan was explaining about his recent initiative to audience. Putting forward the conversation Haroon Q. Raja concentrate over the blogs quality, he added, “Now a days, sadly most of the blog sharing platforms and blogs are flooded with cheap content or focused over Bollywood news just to get followers, due to which there’s a persistent gap in the market of quality content and blogs.” On other hand Hira Saeed talk about the art of influence, she said, “To become an influencer is a bit slow and patience challenging process; it takes time and actually depends on your quality and frequency of content.”

The participants have learn some great insights about the blogging and even tried developing their own blogs using smart phone then and there at meetup during the break out session of blogathon. Almost all the participants were aspiring bloggers; coming from diversified backgrounds have actively participated at the blogahton and it was amazing to see that how a simple activity has break the barriers of age, language and profession among the participants. Further at the meetup Riffat Rashid a newbie in the field has share here experience of becoming a food blogger; she added, “I have choose content development and writing as my career choice and with that have initiated my own blog with name “Girl Gotta Eat” where I talk about food and restaurants to give a genuine one stop feedback for the people seeking reviews. My choice of career has really help me in growing my blog.” Similarly S. Azfar Hussain have encouraged the participants saying that, “There’s a massive space in the field of blogging when it comes to writing about start-ups and for start-ups, this particular segment has still not been tapped to its level of potential.”

The meetup was concluded with the closing remarks by Mr. Rashid Jamal; Founder & CEO – Innovative Management Services, Mr. Rashid thanked the audience and bloggers guest at the meetup for showing such amazing zeal and participation that made the event successful. The event was conducted at the IBL Building Centre a perfectly designed, managed and spacious spaces for such interactive learning sessions to be conducted.

TECH Pakistan is an organization that promotes technology advocacy, inclusivity and adaptation within the industries of Pakistan; as we all know that technology is our next stop! And 4th industrial revolution is on the verge to revolutionize the way we do business. We therefore, work towards harnessing the full potential of technology; by forming a ‘Hub’ that benefits every domain of industry and leverage technology to conduct developmental initiatives in Pakistan. TECH Meetups is one of such initiative that focuses on building thriving community of young and professional tech savvy and tech learners to promote technology adaptation at every level.