28 Apr

Microsoft & HEC Brings ‘Imagine Cup’ to Youthful Innovators of Pakistan

Microsoft and Higher Education Commission (HEC) partnered for brining Microsoft’s Imagine Cup in Paistan. Microsoft’s Imagine Cup started in 2003 and is the most famous technology competition available for students. All the young visionaries from the globe gets a wonderful opportunity to reveal their thoughts with their unique ideas and win $100,000.

Imagine Cup is celebrated yearly by Microsoft Corporation, inviting all the young geeks for expressing their imaginative yet challenging ideas to resolve world issues. The competition also serves as providing solutions to the world through technology projects of all categories.

HEC’s obligation to the academia and students is imitated as Microsoft initiates the Imagine Cup to emphasized Pakistan’s place on the leaderboards, Pakistan positions as the TOP country in the Middle East and Africa group, having the most project plans in the Imaging Cup. Not just this, it is ranked 5th globally in this category.

Students from renowned universities in Pakistan contributed in the competition in which they received awe-inspiring response.

Many distant and deprived areas were labeled in this initiative for Imagine Cup such as Sahiwal, Mianwali, Khuzdar and Jamshoro. Students were primarily assessed in Regional finals, conducted in different cities and the best teams contested to win the National Finals. The assessments for both Regional and National Finals were done per the rules, guidelines and criteria mentioned in 2017 Imagine Cup Competition.

The winners from the Imagine Cup National Final from the country was “Positive Zero”. It was from Bahria University, Karachi. The win was announced in a grand ceremony. This team built a Microsoft Azure reasoning engine, service-based that allows for writing code through voice commands. The team will embody Pakistan in further stages of the competition, held at global levels.

The Director of Microsoft’s Enterprise & Partner Group Segment - Mr. Abid Zaidi remarked on the event; “The link between education, attainment and economic growth has never been clearer. Around the world, the communities where educational excellence is a high priority create the most economic opportunities. The foundation for sustainable economic growth for the future is being laid, through this initiative.”

The Country Head of Microsoft - Mr. Shahzad Aslam Khan specified: “Talent has no boundaries! Any student can derive great benefits from the Imagine Cup, as it provides world-class opportunities and support for the youth, nurturing their true potential and giving them a chance to do something extraordinary and accelerate growth”.

Director General IT - Mr. Anwar Amjad esteemed the happening and mentioned that; “The platform provided by HEC to the students is truly unique in as it promises valuable exposure that they need to take the next steps in Academic life, helping them with a successful transition into their professional careers.”

Executive Director at HEC – Dr. Arshad Ali said that: “HEC-Microsoft Strategic Education Alliance has contributed greatly in producing graduates, who are well-equipped and qualified, not only to handle the  pressures of the practical world, but have the vision to carve their own avenues with a scientific approach, to tackle complex issues.”

The Chairman HEC – Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed voiced his pleasure and stated; “We appreciate the valuable support of Microsoft in this initiative, as Higher Education Commission strives to nurture the students? talents through this annual competition. This is a great way to evolve a rich and modern academic culture in Pakistan, as we integrate global advancements and cutting-edge tools to bring the domestic curriculum and learning at par with the leading universities of the world. Thus, we are empowering our students to contribute and compete in the global workforce”.