09 Jan

Zong Reward Teams with Extraordinary Bonuses Due to Excellent Business Performance

Zong has publicized and given manifold cash prize extras to all its workforce in the last month of 2016 and the start of this new year. The telecom giant did this owing to excellent working performance of the organization last year.

The rewards of cash include annual performance advantages, different enticement bonus and CEO special award reward for 2016. This payout for bonus is the greatest ever presentation based rewards ever in the history of the telecom giant.

It was a jiffy of utter delight for all the employees of Zong.  There were top of the 3 quarterly bonuses previously paid throughout the year based on quarterly performances in the company. Zong has been a rising telecommunication setup for the last years. It has been the best in 4G coverage offering lightning fast data speeds in Pakistan tied with the most reasonably priced products, leading the telecom industry in its evolution for 4G.