05 Jan

Huawei, QMobile Signs MoU to Offer Zong’s Lightening 4G Services

Pakistan’s No.1 4G Network, Zong has done alliance with the prominent and growing smartphone brands - Huawei and Q-Mobile.

The collaboration has taken place for providing fastest internet services to telecom customers. As per the partnership, users of Huawei and QMobile 4G smartphones will have Zong 4G SIMs with 12 GB internet data.

This partnership has been commenced to endorse and shape a 4G eco-system in Pakistan, by allowing users to experience Zong’s 4G lightening speeds.

The collaboration of cellular companies shows the superiority of Zong’s technological superiority in data services, particularly its ligtening 4G internet.

With regards to this, MoUs were signed between Chief Executive Officers of two cellular companies and CEO of Zong, Mr. Liu Dianfeng.

Remarkably, Zong is Pakistan’s biggest 4G network, giving 4G connectivity in more than 200 cities of the country. It is also the No.1 operator in data services by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Zong has a captivating desire to transform Pakistan’s communications landscape of Pakistan through 4G technology which it has spoken of through its brand promise.