05 Jan

TECH Pakistan & Iqra University Signs MoU

TECH Pakistan recently collaborated with Iqra University by signing a MoU. This collaboration has taken place to establish cooperative relations between the two institutions.

The foremost aim behind the alliance is to develop an academic and cultural interchange between the two institutions so that they can collectively work in specific areas of education and entrepreneurship to provide awareness to university students. 

Iqra University is long known for its proper and established educational setup providing education at bachelors and masters level so that they can become part of businesses and entrepreneurial fields.

TECH aims to improve the mindsets of students by supporting and enhancing entrepreneurial culture so that they can step out in their respective yet successful destinations.

The result of the collaboration will bring about training sessions, seminars, workshops and activities that fall under the laws and boundaries set by Iqra University. Number of sessions will be held in academic year of students to facilitate them in their respective topics to learn and grow.

Highlighting this initiative, Mr. Kanwal Masroor said, “We believe in positivity and a positive atmosphere where students who aren’t aware can take part and truly understand the essence of technology and entrepreneurship to lead their future. Being the founder TECH Pakistan, I would like to thank Iqra University to allow us to work with them in the areas of education and entrepreneurship.”

TECH Pakistan’s ever-growing reputation has been because of its keen efforts focused towards the technological world of Pakistan. Its name is on the tongues of many, the reason being its outspread message representing those youths who do not have access to the entrepreneurial world, allowing for startups in the name of technology.