27 Dec

5 Reasons Being an Entrepreneur is AWESOME!

Have you seriously thought about it? No I mean, really, have you considered what awesome feeling the word, an entrepreneur brings, coming to one with immense sacrifice and hard work. While there is a lot that one must go before becoming a businessperson, it has fantastic perks and rewards that are worth everything in the world!

From being your own boss to having flexibility to work just anywhere at any time, we checked up some awesome statements by successful entrepreneurs to why they love being one, in doing what they do.

No. 1. "I love being an entrepreneur because I am able to set my own schedule around my family life. Being a busy mom of two, I have the flexibility to schedule clients around my children's sports, school schedules and doctor appointments."

– Stacy Haynes, CEO and counseling psychologist, Little Hands Family Services

No. 2. "I love owning my own business because I feel there is always something that I can do to improve. Whether it be writing a new blog post, scheduling social media, or reaching out to new organizations, there is always something to keep me busy."

– Claire Coder, founder and CEO, Aunt Flow

No. 3. "Being an entrepreneur is great because you literally own your destiny. If you want to earn more money, work harder and it happens."

– Natalie Bidnick Andreas, digital and content marketing strategist

No. 4. "I think being an entrepreneur is great because the possibilities are endless. You can be as creative and innovative as you want to be and the results are the most rewarding."

– Anneliece Velasco, owner, Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Smithtown

No. 5. "Being an entrepreneur is great because one can respond to opportunity quickly. In my previous corporate life, decision making could take so long that the opportunity actually vanished before all the parties could get together to make a decision to proceed."

– Peter Pierce, founder and CEO, Hamptons Salt Co.

Source: https://goo.gl/Y5pdpH