23 Dec

4 Crazy Things Founders Did to Make their Startup Successful

Today we see companies like PayPal, Reddit, Muse flourishing and profiting immensely. Once a startup, these companies did not build their name just like it. In fact, there were some crazy happenings behind the success of these startup which we aren’t aware of now.

Let’s quickly see 4 Crazy Things Founders Did to Make their Startup Successful!

PayPal Gave Free Money

Sounds good, huh? Today, it is making up to $315 million per day. And the success came to it is when the founders decided to pay new users $10 to come on board. Not just this, even for referral to friends, amount was paid. Although the company did a big loss to get traffic but the efforts paid off in just a year with 1 million users.

Pinterest Personally Penned to Thousands of People


This is one amazing idea. Ben Silberman, cofounder of Pinterest in the start wrote to users who joined the small community. He asked them to give reviews on the website which proved successful for him. Today, this social media website has 70 million users globally.

Reddit Created Thousands of Fake Accounts 

Wow. Never thought anyone would go that far. Anyways, the efforts paid off. Reddit, launched in 2005 opted a way to increase visitors by creating fake accounts. And they did this, replying to themselves to check up with balancing the web traffic. As of 2013, the "Front Page of the Internet,", as called; had 731 million visitors.

AirBnB Sold their Own Cereal for Initial Funding

To pool money for their service – AirBnB, rental service provider for travelers, decided to purchase bulk cereal and brand it to sell as Obama O’s, Cap’n McCain, and Breakfast of Change. Interestingly enough, they managed to sell 800 packets and earned over $300,00 in only 2 months.