09 Dec

Iqra University, Innovation Summit Held Session on "Innovative Technology - Processes, Models & Marketing Ideas"

Iqra University, the Managing Partner of the 1st Innovation Summit - Sindh hosted a session at the Arts Auditorium, University of Karachi on "Innovative Technology - Processes, Models & Marketing Ideas".

The session was conducted with the aim to evaluate ideas pitched by different students. Hence, the event saw participation by talented students from Sindh and Baluchistan who presented innovative ideas on innovation, technology and marketing.

Scores of people attended the event including the Guest of Honor, Session Chair and Evaluation Panel Members from TECH Pakistan. 

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The event saw some phenomenal speaking by the honorable guests. Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, the Chairman of Brookes Pharma (Private) Limited shared his inspirational story of becoming an entrepreneur, quoting this phase as &quot;Footpath say Senate Tak&quot;. 

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Mr. Kanwal Masroor – Vice Chairman, TECH Pakistan, participated in the session along with his panel members as evaluation heads. The chairman shared his journey of entrepreneurial success to serve as motivation in the students.

Among other TECH’s panel members was Mr. Azfar Hussain, Mr. Syed Abdul Basit and Mr. Ubaid Younus.

IUNC appreciated the time and efforts of its Guest of Honor (Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, Chairman - Brookes Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd), Session Chair (Vice Chairman - Tech Pakistan), Panel members and all the participants.