07 Dec

How to Pitch Your Idea to an Investor?

From initiating an idea for startup to checking up with the pros and cons linked with the new business, from the risk-bearing ability to keeping up with overheads as they pile, your startup cannot get successful if you don’t have enough cash to handle the stress. Get what I mean? Let me be very straight. Considering only the overheads, they are pretty damn life-taking, especially if you are sitting in the middle of fashion land. Other than this, taking care of rental, then salaries could leave you in a bad fix.

To cope up with these issues, relying on the money of an investor to fund your project is the ideal solution. But before getting an investor’s money on board your startup, you got to pitch it right. Check out the helpful tips below:

K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Superhero)


Do you have the slightest idea what I mean here? Keep your presentation, the idea very simple. At the basic stage, you have to make your investor understand the idea of your startup. That’s it. No needs of getting into complexed technical structures making things confused. Try to clear the investor’s confusion by answering questions positively.

Justify your contemptable predictions 

When you present the idea, be ready for backing up your statements too. If you are telling your investor that you’d get bucks showering only in the second quarter of your business year, then you must be ready to justify your statement by giving strong reasons to it. Play it safe, boy. For this, you need to make a strong plan for your startup, backed by details.

Keep the problem first, then solution

Until unless you keep the problem ahead of the solution, things will seem irrelevant to the money-lender. In fact, this is the first thing you should be thinking for your startup. You should know that the product or service that you plan to offer to customers, it’s in a problem. And you are offering a solution to it. I hope I am clear. The same way, your investor should see the problem and then once you offer a solution to it, it should pinpoint at being ideal for people, thus making your investor ready for the investment. 

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