01 Jul

Entrepreneurship Guru - Mir Muhammad Ali Khan with TECH Pakistan

Kanwal Masroor, the founder and CEO of TECH Pakistan was pleased to interview Mr. Mir Muhammad Ali Khan. He is an internationally renowned investment banker, entrepreneur & philanthropist. He is the Co Chairman of AMZ MAK Capital Limited & first Muslim founder of an investment bank at Wall Street, America. Also, he has launched a course on stock market. He is known to be one of the very famous and influential personalities in Pakistan.

He starts off with sharing his journey and how he worked his way up to the level he is at, today. He has done several odd jobs in the States and finally got into stocks. Such an inspiring journey he shares. He emphasizes that with the will to succeed; one has got to have a positive approach towards his life and goals. For the purpose of personal grooming, he has read a lot about Human Development. He has also been an advisor to Pervez Musharraf.
Mir, when asked to share some guideline for the existing and emerging entrepreneurs of Pakistan, says, “One needs to become the person who can become an entrepreneur. If you don’t love to solve problems, do not become an entrepreneur”. He related mind to entrepreneur. Talking about future of technology in Pakistan, he says that technology should be integrated with conventional business. He believes Pakistan has a lot of potential and talent, only the correct attitude is required.

In the end he greatly appreciates the efforts of Kanwal Masroor for building TECH which is a great platform for everyone that is related to technology in one way or the other. TECH is a beneficial platform especially for the passionate youngsters who are struggling to build their careers. He wishes TECH all the best for its future endeavors and for contributing to the technology industry of Pakistan.