02 Dec

3 Sureshot Blunders Made by Startups

Startups have transformed the face of businesses in this digital era. They came, started their work and mesmerized everyone with their wonderful products and services. The entrepreneurial behavior and activity helped them to advance in sectors like information technology and telecommunication. While it was purely their fate on one end, the sincere dedication was the other half that paved way for their success.

These days we see startups emerge but some common mistakes are such that hinders the way for entrepreneurs to carry on fruitful businesses. Today I would like to highlight 3 sureshot blunders which startups make while stretching to become successful.

Delaying the Release


While this might not seem a very common issue with startups, the actual ratio if measured is quite high. You’d probably say, “Who’d on earth would want to delay the launch of his own product, it’s sheer madness.”

Believe me, there are startups out there who delay thinking it’s probably not the right time to bring the product to the world either because they think the market isn’t convinced to see or probably their vision exceeds all compasses of opening it to a small market. Whatever the case, the idea is to think about the product in between not-all-perfect and just-satisfactory. Startups must get the best from their product, go back to its makeup and opt for the best ways of delivering value through them.

Losing Focus

Delaying mistake can often add fuel this point. You see the product growing, its features performing the best but there is sudden happening and you see a big dip. This happens so-very often. We try to aim but sometimes aim bad. Other times, we are not focused. Our core objectives aren’t clear and we end up getting something we never demanded. Furthermore, the irritated team members give inferior results in the product.

To be far from issues like these, the solution is to be clear and real in setting goals and checking up with their fulfillment. You can go around making weekly goals, even monthly will work. But keep the original vision in mind, always.

Bad Hiring Decisions

You might never know but the resource you just added was due to a personal influence. The hiring decisions are the most important. Sometimes you see a specific skill set present in the resource but you forget to check up with the big picture correlating it with your company. Now seriously, you got to stop these kinds of enrollments. Check up with the company and its vision comparing these with potential employee’s skills and abilities that you want to bring to your startup. It’s really good to stretch your budget but a valued resource is something that you should always see in a person in order to get the business running.