30 Nov

5 Free Awesome Ways to Endorse Your Startup!

The three successes in your pocket are enough to start thinking about taking your business to the next level. If you are slowly pacing with a branded email account which is surely due to your registered business name and products to sell; then there is no way you should retard and not take help from the so-called (for many) ways to market your startup.

Come on man, it’s about time you focus on self-promotion, no one else will come and play the part.

Locate the Specific Customer


Before opting ways for any sort of promotion, it is important that you get the idea about who your real target-market is, i.e. your customer. Try doing some research on this and then proceed. For instance, you’d want to know who is the potential target for an information technology company, or perhaps are young moms an ideal for focusing your product on? The point here is to aim for the specific customer and then proceed.

Streamline your Website

Next comes analyzing your website’s built-up. Believe me, there are many out there who aren’t even on this first step (owns a website). I don’t mean to pull socks but those startups who don’t want to see projects going from their hands should get it made as soon as possible. And for those who already have one, start focusing on its makeup. Checkup if it is responsive, clearly optimized for search engines and the search is specific to search engine etc. The foremost question your website should answer is, “Why should the client opt for my services?”.

Social Media – The Backbone


It’s as if one is dead if not have an online social media presence. You might be thinking you are active but in real you aren’t. The idea is to be engaged on multiple accounts to endorse your business to the customers properly. It has been known through research that users spend the most time of Facebook, and the best way to keep them engaged is to be active on your account. Post, comment and engage users as much as you can to stay on top of tinkle for your product.

Make Connections with the Alike


The idea is to find those who are working on the same product line or service as yours and build a connection with them. Either find them offline and if it’s difficult then try to engage with them online. You’d have a better coverage with the target audience once you have influencers like them on your platform. Try to mingle by blogs, stories or a campaign to let your brand get famous.

Referral Reward Takes the Lead


Most of you might not know this but referral reward is one hell of a marketing tool for your startup. It’s not for nothing that Dropbox has kept the offer of giving extra storage to those who refer someone and get them on board the website. Strategies like these are worth thinking about with some association with your brand. You got to offer something to customers in order to get something. For a good service, you get repeat customers, similarly, for some incentive, you get additional customers.

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