29 Nov

5 Distinguished Advantages Startups Have Over Big Businesses

Starting a business brings about hell of a challenges, which if not catered; can bring about serious nuisance for the owners. From managing limited resources (which in many cases are brought together penny by penny) to issues of cash flows (which drain off like water if not handled properly); startups face serious problems in the start. These are mainly due to little experience of business model and its management and because of competing with giants whose strategic plans are nothing but a source of discomfort for the little ones. Seeing so many strands in the way, one might think that it is merely impossible to initiate a startup!

To me, this is only one side of the picture. In reality, people ignore the greatest advantages that startups have over established businesses, which these built businesses can only dream of. Let’s take a sneak peek of some:

It’s All About Being Flexible

A new born baby is bound to take different adaptations with time. Similarly, your startup is fresh and young with the basics all in your hand. You may and definitely have an astounding business plan for your business but there is nothing like cannot-break-the-rules thing. The structure, strategies and plans can be revised as per your ease and necessity which bigger business can only dream of. The reason is that they have to maintain their reputation with the same modeling to make bosses happy and living! While as a startup, you are the sole boss.

You may not believe but because startups are prone to changes, any technological or industrial change is incorporated easily while big businesses must bear the blow. 

Chemistry within Teams Leads the Way

Do you know what the benefits of living in a community are? People are mingled with each other, they know each other well, they respond by helping in different occasions, laugh and spend time in sorrow and happiness. The same way, startups incorporate the culture of team-spirit, which greatly affects the business and the team members positively.

In big businesses, there are departments who are not aware of people in different departments. Even more, there is a never-ending battle between them to prove their worth of success to the company. What’s even worse is that there is no binding between the CEO and the lower management – the workers.

In startups, it all starts from true chemistry between team members who grab projects and take them to a superior level of success, while being satisfied with their jobs and work, let alone the working relationships.

No Follow-the-Book Culture

In companies, employees must act as per the rules and regulations. Each minute of work is pre-defined, each process is structured and the rules are set. This might seem good but as per today’s culture becomes more robotic. Professionals love to do what they are good at and a mere pre-defined documented stuff is something that might irritate them. Even more, for decisions to take effect, they must undergo a long chain of individuals, inspecting and evaluating the pros and cons and then doing the effort to bring them into effect. This drags projects and work submissions.

On the contrary, startups are far from bureaucracy. Decisions can be taken easily and quickly while increasing work efficiency.

Comfortable with Different Pricings 

Startups want work, that’s it. The money is an important factor but because startups want to make their stance in the market, they are sometimes willing to sacrifice money over getting project. On the contrary, big companies have their attitude affront which not all can afford. Startups are also willing to work in affordable costs because their overheads are less. They are open to bargaining, flexible in work routines etc. 

Impressive Brand Image

Startups have a good persona. The face representing a startup is just another team member who makes sure that no meeting is left unattended, taking special care to grab every potential project that could be life-savior. Even the team members take pride in putting their trust at stake because they know, the better they serve, the more successful they will be.

People in the market take this factor as the basis to give work. People believe that the team members will take immense care in fulfilling all factors of the work-requirements and provide immensely amazing results.  

If you take care of these points in your startup, then there is no point that you will have issues competing with big players in the market and also enhancing level of work.