26 Nov

Symbios.pk ‘Cyber Monday’ – Shopping Fiesta to Start Today!

Cyber Monday is an online shopping extravaganza which is similar to Black Friday of USA. The module for Cyber Monday is the same as that of Black Friday i.e. offering discounted packages and discounts which for availing, one has to enter gruesome fights. This extravaganza is aimed for parents and individuals who are working and have busy schedules, so that they can shop from their respective places.

What is Symbios.pk Offering?

The shopping website is bringing the whole week of Cyber Monday. It will keep discounted products and deals which can be bought by customers just like Black Friday.

The event has been announced by Symbios.pk to start from 26th November, 2016 at 12.01 am, the time when Black Friday will end and continue till the whole week. Among the discounted products that will be available on the website portal, are, Electronic & Gadgets, Fashion Products for Men & Women, Toys and Games etc.

Incorporating in the fiesta will be flash sales, which the website has planned to open up 3 times in the day – having amazing deals. So, all those who crave shopping for discounted products can hold their horses for this great event.

 Widespread Range of Products

There will be a variety of products that will be put to sale at Cyber Monday such as footwear, kids’ items, kitchen accessories, games, sports items and many more.

Hot Deals

Sizzling deals will also be offered in the event. They will start from Rs. 1/- and be under Rs. 999/- only. The deals will include mobile phones, watches, headsets for Bluetooth and other techy gadgets.

Discount on Stock Clearance

Stock clearance loot sale will also be offered in the Monday event with a phenomenal discount reach to 90%. This will be on leftover and remaining articles.

Payment Methods

Hot deals can be see here from 26th November, 12.01 am. Below are the payment methods to conveniently shop and pay online.

  • Easypaisa Account
  • Visa / MasterCard
  • You can also pay at any Easypaisa shop in Pakistan