25 Nov

Telegraph – The New Blogging Platform for Telegram

The start of year saw Pavel Durov – the founder of Telegram mentioning that they crossed 100 million users who are currently active on the platform. With this, the app is moving from a regular messaging application to become a blogging one, an awaited act of the year.

And this new converted app is called Telegraph. It’s great and easy to use. Simply go to the website, write and publish anything on the web that you want to without the inconvenience of signing in on the website.


The interface of the website is stunning. It resembles the amazingly great interface of Quip and Medium. You can also embed links easily with the facility of posting quickly and effectively. 

So, what is that you’d do to write a post? Simply give the title, enter the name of author and start writing. For embedding an image in the post, click on camera button, or add videos from Vimeo or YouTube, tweets from Twitter by giving the link.

You can also share the posts on Telegram on social media channels but it is best to populate it on the same medium as it works best on the Instant View Layout.

Instant View is the Same like Facebook Articles

The company also posted about Telegram’s Instant View, which is the same as Facebook’s Instant Articles as well as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This impacts the loading time of article significantly. Not just this, it makes searching the chat of any date easily.

The Difference

The first difference is that there is no signing in required, which makes the posting instantaneous. Then, embedding time is relatively faster as compared to other websites. Ah, the notable difference is that you won’t be able to keep your collections as there is no signing in option. Perhaps, the saving of links could save you from the wrath. And yes, if you need to edit your article, it will be possible only if there are cookies stored in your pc.