23 Nov

Google’s New Feature Will Let You Know How Crowded a Place Is

Google is in with another remarkable feature, which it introduced previous year. Called as Previous Times, the techy feature allowed one to see peak-hours of a specific place, to let you decide to go there or not. The updated feature by Google brings the facility to give you real-time information instead.

To sum up in simpler words, the new feature will easily allow you to make family or friend plans keeping the place in view, see how crowded it is and what possible time it will take to clear up.

Add-on Feature

Additionally, Google has shaped up to present an upgraded feature which also shows the time people usually spend at a place. 

The surprises don’t stop here. The business information will be presented in a unique and extraordinary way. The departments and hours-of-work will be displayed too for customers’ ease. For e.g. the shops at a mall operate differently from the timings of the food court. These different timings of inter-departments will be shown in the new feature – Popular Times.

It was conveyed that Google makes use of anonymized location data in the phones to translate data into an estimate of people being at a place in some time. 

New Interface

The new interface brings about little changes including the live search to see how much occupied is a place instead of a normal one.

Further Enhancements for Future

With the feature floated amongst customers, Google is further working to gather real-time information from people to react and build a profile for their likes / dislikes and their taste preferences. For this, they have planned to incorporate queries and questions soon after the customers have visited a place.

This being an idea, to turn responsive with the customers, Google will actually be able to recommend people their favorite places with the information.

The updates will soon be a part of the feature. It might be a week away from today, as per the sources.