17 Nov

Seagate’s 5TB Backup Plus Portable Drive – Stores the Hugest Data in The World!

The most popular hard disk maker in the world whose name we have been hearing since eternity is again in the market. Seagate, the phenomenal hard disk manufacturer has brought yet again another revolution by introducing a hard disk having a space capacity of 5 Terabytes. Huge huh?

The news came by as the company highlighted their latest Terabyte form factor of 2.5 inch which works with same mechanism as that of external drive. Serving both categories, the external and the internal 2.5 inch, Seagate’s hard drives offer the greatest storage capacity ever available in any drive in the world.

Why Opting for Such Huge Space?

Seagate confirms this that the upcoming high definition cameras which are over 20 megapixel and video recording cameras which do 4k recording requires a huge space and without these drives, it will be impossible to store such bulk data. Thus, this external drive is the solution to serving such big space.

Even the fact that this external hard disk is bigger than any regular ones that are used internally, the conventional ones; this doesn’t require any connection source of power to work. On the contrary, it functions the same way as any external disk, just its size is bigger.

Specifications and Features?

First coming to the size, the hard drive is 3 inches wide, 4.5 inches long and 0.8 inches tall. Coming to the weight, it has 247 grams which becomes around 1/4 par of kg. Being bigger won’t bring an issue because it is relatively light to carry anywhere.

The most important thing is yet to come. As promised by Seagate, the hard disk will give around 120MB/s with USB 3.0 port, which will definitely in-house all your important data. Last but not the least, this hard disk has the capacity and capability to automatically backup all the data of your pc, cloud or smartphone. 

There are 4 colors in which this drive comes; black, red, silver and blue. The outer is aluminum casing for enhanced durability.


It isn’t expensive. A mere $190 – Rs. 20,000/- and this device will be yours. The release date hasn’t been provided by the company but it is expected that it will available till the end of this month.