16 Nov

Skype Video Calls Can Now Be Made WITHOUT an Account!

If you use Skype for communication in meetings, with friends and family times that you adore, then knowing a news about the application, software and website will certainly bring a smile on your face. Using Skype has got a lot easier now. There is simply no need of an account now, as told by Microsoft in their new pressie. For all those people, who needs to access Skype without the desktop software can log in as guests and access the application. And the best thing is that you don’t even need to download it. Go to the website and have yourself viewed to the world!

The purpose as given by the company for bringing Skype for guests is to enhance its use and the users, of course, a way to move ahead from competitors. It further says, “Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made it easier than ever for you to connect with anyone on Skype, without needing to register or even download it. By joining Skype as a Guest, you can quickly chat, voice or video call without any hassle. Perfect if you’re new to Skype and want to quickly chat with someone, anywhere in the world, for free.”


To use it is easy. Simply go to Skype’s official website and go to the interface. Get yourself a username, and sign in as a guest. Then to make calls, follow the same procedure as you do in the desktop software or mobile app. You can make audio, video calls, enter a group conversation chat and even share files. It’s ideally the best replica of the desktop application, in fact the same.

Skype’s got no competition from Google’s Hangout, which is at the stage of phasing out from the market. While users of Hangout become a part of any call by opening the link, Skype checks up with the upgrades to allow users to give calls with simple links.

With WhatsApp’s recent addition of video calling, it has given Skype something to ponder on, especially with its slow mobile application. Only at its desktop application, Skype leads the way while Google has already been killed. But still, we can’t say if there is much time left for competitors to take over the desktop part too!