15 Nov

TECH’s Fascinating Guest Speaking Session at Biztek

TECH Pakistan’s adorable speaker – Mr. Junaid Mansoor Sootwala, also the CEO of Tajmac IT Solutions conducted a guest speaker session while representing TECH at Institute of Business & Technology (Biztek).

Mr. Junaid went to Biztek University (Institute of Business & Technology) on an invitation for their guest speaking session on the current IT trends in the industry. He discussed about his life experiences, about his company – Tajmac, which is a renowned IT solutions’ provider catering the international market, MS cloud and the CEO’s affiliation with TECH, working to make it the sole Technology Association of Pakistan.

Biztek is an active institute providing quality education since 2001. The university is best known for its academic undergraduate and graduate programs in different fields such as computer science, information technology and business & management sciences. Its alumni are serving well in different multinational companies.

TECH Pakistan’s vision is to instill the thought of activating skills that each individual is born with. TECH believes that every individual should work on to understand his / her skill and utilize in the available sector. TECH also aims to bridge the gap between emerging students and technological industry for future prospects and the betterment of the country.

TECH would like to congratulate Mr. Junaid Mansoor Sootwala on his initiative in representing the association and conducting a phenomenal session.