15 Nov

WhatsApp Finally Bringing Free Video Calling Feature

Bringing the most honoree feature that is and was the requirement of many across the globe, WhatsApp has finally listened to their moans and voices. In about some days from now, WhatsApp will be supporting free video calling!

Superb, ain’t it? The company announced on Monday that “in coming days”, the great app will allow its user to have one-to-one calling alongside voice calling and texting.

The icon for video calling will be available at the same place where there is voice and texting option, as soon as the feature is incorporated.

However, the app won’t allow group video calling, for the time being at least, and those who are looking to communicate and have video conferencing in a group can stick to skype or other means.

WhatsApp too agrees that the upcoming feature is the most requested feature of the app but the fact that it had to delay so much to bring it on the platform, they aren’t sure about that. Though, some hinting about technological barriers related to video calling might have the issue, as the feature itself is a big challenge for anyone i.e. to make it work on slowest connections too.

Talking about the same in a blog post, the company said, “We want to make these features available to everyone, not just those who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks”.

It is predicted that the video-calling feature will be most populous in Asian countries, where people use the app mostly for daily-based communication.