12 Nov

In Search for Truth! Samsung’s New Patent is for a Foldable Phone

Until yesterday, it was all a rumor. But today, it is more near to reality. Samsung has got up with a new patent application about its foldable display phone. According to the application: A smartphone with a bendable part in the middle that can be folded into a phone sandwich.

The project was named as Valley or some found out it to be Galaxy X and the device was said to be out in the early hours of this year. But now as the year is on the verge to end, rumors pour into saying that the release will not be seen till the start of 2017.

Samsung filed the application for patent in April, as was dug up by GalaxyClub, where a smartphone resembling candy bar was revealed having a bendable center in its middle, the same as was seen in the Microsoft’s Surface Book.

Bendable screens aren’t a cul-de-sac now, and we all know it. We’ve seen similar devices, namely the foldable phones which had a pivoting jack to handle all the stress. But these phone, as per the patent application, will bend, igniting the spark.

Out comes criticism with new inventions. To me, this approach has many advantages attached to it except the fact that the phone can be propped to allow you to watch as per your ease. I am sure the ergonomics part will be best looked by Samsung. 

Check out the patent application, it’s in Korean and here the link to download its PDF.

What has Samsung in store for us, only time will tell. Neither the patent nor the rumors are in condition to certify that the company is working to build a phone incorporating the mentioned patent. There is only one thing to me, and that is company’s continuous efforts to discover the unexplored!