11 Nov

Shepherd’s PIE Upcoming Lahore Session for Startups

Jumpstart has been working for over 2.5 years now to focus on entrepreneurship and change the work outlook of Pakistan. There are 126 startups on the panel to this date.

This was just the start. Jumpstart plans to initiate flagship Shepherd’s PIE through which it will take as much as 1500 startup on panel in the coming 5 years.

A unique model, Shepherd’s PIE resembles the theme of Shark Tank and Dragon Den. The idea for startups is to present unique plans and ideas to Shepherd and convince them for the deal in the event. Also, the deal could be finalized with the discussion that will follow the days and even months, considering that you plan to.

It is the second cycle by Shepherd PIE about their investment strategy for this year. The first cycle was in Rawalpindi. Next to come are Karachi and Peshawar cities, but the closest stop is Lahore on 19th November, 2016.

The idea is to select 10 startups who will be delivering their unique ideas to the panel of investment board, ready shortlist top 3 groups. These 3 startups will be joined with the group in Rawalpindi, Karachi and Peshawar, 9 individuals who will contest for the regional event of SeedStars, to be held in Islamabad, November 26th, 2016. Going abroad is yet to come. The winners will be flown to Switzerland to contest in the final event of SeedStars World.

  • This is a big opportunity for Pakistan to represent in an international world event in Switzerland and win $500,000 as investment money.
  • This is a big opportunity to conquest for 1 year Incubation setup at LaunchPad7, also included is funding by seed to final event’s 7 winners – an amount of Rs. 750,000.
  • JumpStart will promote your business idea startup on its web portal and other social media platforms as well.
  • JumpStart will bridge the gap between famous CEOs and entrepreneurship with the winners thought their extensive Shepherd network.
  • Seedspace will keep mentoring sessions with international counsellors.
  • Special reduced pricing to initiate office happenings effortlessly by Launchpad7.