09 Nov

Facebook Brings Sponsored Messages Feature in New Messenger for Advertisers

Facebook brings to limelight another outstanding feature to stand out amongst the evens! This time, it’s the messenger which has been the target of it! With over billion users to this date, the way the phenomenal app gained popularity, people at first argued and believed that it was all planned.

Is it Great, Really?

And really, it all seemed that way, as we saw ourselves crippled to not to open up our chat boxes in Facebook not until the download and installation took place. Nevertheless, it refined over time to get into better shape for providing effective services to the customers. And today, it has paved the way for advertisers to get on board the platform!

So, it is time for all developers to wake up because the new update of Facebook Messenger, version 1.3 is all about new tools and update designed to help deliver content in reshaped form. All advertisers will now be exposed to sponsored messages. These messages are advertisements sent on the messenger as you chat.

The Story Behind Sponsored Messages

This came about 6 months ago when the company initiated testing these sponsored messages on some user profiles as well as brand names. What it started doing then, now this all makes us to believe that Facebook will be using the personal information for directing ads to you. It will be worth mentioning here that Facebook which was earlier using data protection for the users between WhatsApp stopped doing so as a watch dog company jumped in for monitoring.

Interestingly, this convinces the user at least with the stoppage of data sharing thing. On the other hand, the introduction of this newer version and sponsored messages will be quite good for advertisements as we use text messages daily. Don’t worry, you will have the audacity to stop them unlike “Beacon Qualified Teachers” which are just a heck of a thing, never stopping. Just for your information, the messages you receive will be only from advertisers with whom you have been in a thread with.

The Communication Barrier – Does it Exist?

Fortunately, not. You can simply click on the message ads and get into contact with the advertiser. The Click to Message Ads is a new feature in the Facebook News Feed to allow you to message the company while you see in the news feed. This brings convenience not to open up separate website and just communicate with them directly.