07 Nov

Facebook Mobile-Only Users – Greater Than Ever Before!

There is no stopping the Facebook Mobile Business! It is expected to increase and get bigger than ever before in near future. And here is the reason.

Facebook officially announced as part of its earning in third quarters that majority of the social networking website’s users now use mobile phones to access the website.

Going into figures, as in a particular month, it was reported that of the 1.79 billion users of Facebook, over 1 billion users are alleged “only-mobile” users. These only access Facebook through mobiles phones.

The figure can be well understood by the chart below. Thus, we can easily predict that the figure is likely to increase in future as well.

Source: http://mashable.com/2016/11/02/facebook-mobile-only-users/

The social networking company has beaten all expectations as it has been able to increase engagement with each passing day. With its impressive stats, figures revealed as much as 1.18 million users (active daily) in which 1.09 million are only mobile users. As much as 1.79 billion are monthly active users.

Mobile users are of much significance for the company. It succeeded in making the website “mobile-first” looking at the ever-increasing number of users. With this strategy, the number of users has also increased owing to greater earning aswell. Mobile ads bring the biggest revenue to the company, as of today.