03 Nov

Telenor Automate – Get Insights For Your Car

Telenor Pakistan goes a step ahead from its competitors in the telecommunication sector. With its recent launch of Telenor Automate, the company brings to the ease of users a plug and play internet device which makes the user aware of insights on the precise location of vehicle.

Easy to install and operate, the device works with cars which are OBD submissive. As per today’s requirement, all cars which are produced and also imported in Pakistan comes with the facility of On-Board Diagnostics but certain variations exist.

Keeping in view the requirements of OBD, nearly all high-end vehicles are made keeping in mind the standards. The device which can be plugged and simply played is plugged in the port of OBD which is given under the dashboard of the car. The numerous sensors allow the device to give car’s insights and checking-up services. The device makes use of a SIM and GPS to track the movements of the car communicated with the app of Smart Phone and the web portal.

Well, this is not the only feature which the device has. The speed of the car, the distance driven, driving behaviors including exhaustion and sleepiness, car accelerating or being driven at low speed, sharp or swift turns are also calculated automatically and moved to app for giving notifications to the user as well as others.

All this can help drivers control their driving abilities, opting for safe and economical driving, owing to insights. Not just this, the customized report form data can be used by companies to pick drivers, the B2B businesses to get on board the very best.

Telenor has introduced this, being the very first in Pakistan by also including a 3rd Party insurance – free of cost for automated cars in the country. This will help the customers in case of unforeseen accidents to be remunerated by other party for reparations.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Telenor, Bilal Kazmi said,

“The device will go on to inspire responsible driving behavior and contribute immensely to road safety in Pakistan.”

Telenor Automate can be bought from all Telenor Sales and Service centers for Rs. 7999 and the monthly subscription charges are Rs. 300. Not just this, a 3rd party car insurance catered by EasyPaisa will also provide the device.