02 Nov

JazzCash & Karandaaz Ties Up Strategic Knot!

JazzCash and Karandaaz have become premeditated partners with the signing of an agreement in order to boost the digital financing services in the country. The agreement ceremony was kept to bring Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, the VP Digital & Mobile Financial Services at Mobilink and Ali Sarfraz Hussain, the CEO at Karandaaz Pakistan; together for a better cause.

As directed and aimed, Karandaaz plans to help JazzCash to develop strategies centered around humanistic design research by providing grants at different level. It is to note that the setup is maintained by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID).

The sole benefit that Mobilink will get from the collaboration is that its independent channel, JazzCash will be able to enable greater novelty and development in the current mobile applications as well as enhancement in its more than 50 million customers of Mobilink-Warid.

While talking about the favorable occasion, Aniqa Afzal Sandhu spoke, “Having provided access to financial services to millions of customers through Mobile Accounts, we at JazzCash understand their evolving needs for a more digital experience such as a Mobile App. At the same time we understand that the application must provide our customers with the most user friendly interface and design. By combining our resources and expertise, we look forward to working with Karandaaz Pakistan on this front in the months to come to provide the best digital experience to our customers.”

On the other hand, the CEO discussed about the importance of making payments through mobile in the country. He also put importance on the crucial role that mobile financial service providers are playing to go ahead for financial presence in the country.