01 Nov

The Empowerment Theory – TECH Speaks at Jinnah University for Women

Women have enormous potential. Their talent goes well-beyond the minds of ordinary people because history has proved that they gave so much to come to the level where they can actually compete with men.

These days we see them in every industry, following every skill and proficiently doing their work. The reason behind is the awareness and ability to stand with the world. Their exceptional grooming has proved that they can step out and face the world to reach their level of expertise.

Not all women grow up to become independent individuals seeking success everywhere. Many are groomed but their specific cultural-based norms don’t allow them to work.

TECH Pakistan, a self-driven NGO is a phenomenal platform which seeks to uplift the status of women in our society and aware them of their importance. It has brought forward women from different sectors to become representatives and serve as role-model for all.

With the same aim, Mr. Kanwal Masroor, the Chairman of TECH Pakistan conducted a session at Jinnah University for Women on the topic “Women Empowerment in the Business Sector”.

This session was conducted to make the upcoming youth understand the importance of women in business sector. For the sake of making girls understand, the chairman emphasized that there is no work that the gender cannot do. In fact, we see sectors where a time ago no one could have imagined that women will enter but today without their presence the field-sector will look empty. The best example is of females in the military.

The audience, comprising of females took interest and listened to the jaw-dropping session with much enthusiasm. The session took a turn when Mr. Kanwal brought into discussion the field of technology. He further believes that women should enter the fields, new startups should be setup encouraging more women to enter.

The organization believes that the session will serve as a medium to make the upcoming youth understand the importance of them studying to enter different fields.