31 Oct

PTCL Signs Partnership Agreement With Netflix

PTCL collaborates with Netflix, the first in Pakistan to do so. The agreement will bring about utilizing what both the companies offer, making use of their resources in general to benefit the customers in viewing their respective channels in Pakistan.

The collaborative agreement of PTCL with Netflix will also allow the customers who are digital based to view content of Netflix and also enhance digital streaming in the country. Netflix is known to offer unique and original content and in Pakistan, it will serve as a way to promote and support enhanced viewership.

It is to note that PTCL is the first to have collaborated by Netflix by technically pairing since its global launch in year’s start.

Mr. Adnan Shahid – the PTCL Chief Commercial Officer commented on the agreement saying, “Digital entertainment is PTCL’s key priority and our partnership with Netflix is another step in this direction. We look forward to working with Netflix to offer new and exciting services including world class Netflix original series and movies in Pakistan”.

In relation to it, Mr. Tony Zameczkowski – the Vice President of Business Development in Asia of the company said, “We are excited to partner with PTCL in Pakistan and are looking forward to providing high quality entertainment content for the Pakistani consumers.”

Being the world’s foremost internet television network, Netflix has a vast network of viewers – about 86 million spread over as much as 190 countries! The company provides them unending 125 million hours of TV shows and entertainment matter a day, including different documentaries and films.

The best thing about Netflix is that the viewers can continue watching for as long as they want to being anywhere, anytime, connected to the internet-enabled screen, they can also halt, play or resume their watching anytime in the middle of commercials or plays.

On the other hand, PTCL, the one and only telecommunications, entertainment service provider in the country. It is also catering to the internet needs by providing broadband and digital TV services. Not just this, the company is also seeking to strengthen its customer services, with its recent partnership with Netflix, it has aimed to deliver high and rich quality content.